Alequo Adarys

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Alequo Adarys
Coin of Tyrosh.png
Alias(es) Silvertongue
The Tyrant of Tyrosh
Allegiance Band of Nine
Culture(s) Tyroshi
Died In 266 AC[1]
Spouse(s) Unknown
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Alequo Adarys, known as Silvertongue and the Tyrant of Tyrosh, was a wealthy and ambitious Tyroshi merchant and a key member of the Band of Nine.[2]


The Band of Nine were a group of merchants, sellswords and pirates who joined together to carve kingdoms out for themselves. After conquering the Disputed Lands, Alequo convinced the others to take Tyrosh. After successfully sacking the city ande deposing the current Archon, Alequo was installed as its head of state. The Band of Nine next meant to conquer Westeros for Maelys I Blackfyre, and fought a war called the War of the Ninepenny Kings on the Stepstones against the Westerosi forces. The Band of nine was defeated there, and Maelys killed. While the remainder of the Band of Nine was defeated half a year later, Alequo, known as the Tyrant of Tyrosh, would rule the Free City for six more years, until he was poisoned by his queen. With Alequo's death, the Archon of Tyrosh was restored.[2]


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