Sack of Tyrosh

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Sack of Tyrosh
Date 258 AC, 259 AC, or 260 AC
Place Tyrosh
Result Ruling Archon of Tyrosh deposed
Alequo Adarys set as ruler of Tyrosh
Band of Nine Tyrosh
Alequo Adarys
Golden Company.svg Maelys I Blackfyre
Ser Derrick Fossoway
Nine Eyes
Spotted Tom
Liomond Lashare
Xhobar Qhoqua
Samarro Saan
The Old Mother
Archon of Tyrosh
Band of Nine armies Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Sack of Tyrosh ocurred prior to the War of the Ninepenny Kings.


The Band of Nine was a group of merchants, mercenaries and pirates from the Free Cities who banded together to carve out kingdoms for themselves. They began their conquests by overrunning the Disputed Lands.[1]

Sack of Tyrosh

After taking over the Disputed Lands, the Band of Nine turn to the Free City of Tyrosh. The city was sacked and the ruling Archon of Tyrosh was deposed. The merchant Alequo Adarys was then installed as the new ruler of the city, becoming known as the "Tyrant of Tyrosh".[1]


Afterwards, the Band of Nine conquered the Stepstones, poised to invade the Seven Kingdoms on behalf of Maelys I Blackfyre. However, the Iron Throne launched a preemptive attack on the Band of Nine, which became known as the War of the Ninepenny Kings. The Band of Nine was defeated, but Adarys remained as the ruler of Tyrosh until he was poisoned by his queen in 266 AC.[1]


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