Aubrey Crakehall

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House Crakehall.svg King
Aubrey Crakehall
House Crakehall.svg
Full name Aubrey Crakehall
Predecessor Hagon Hoare
Successor House Hoare
Personal Information
Alias King Aubrey
Dynasty House Crakehall
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Aubrey Crakehall was a knight from House Crakehall who briefly ruled as King of the Iron Islands.[1]


The Shrike, a priest of the Drowned God, led a revolt against King Harmund III Hoare which replaced him with his younger brother, Hagon Hoare. Their mother, the Dowager Queen Lelia Lannister, was mutilated and sent back to Casterly Rock. Her nephew, the King of the Rock, raised his banners in vengeance and Ser Aubrey commanded the westermen in the war.[1]

In the seventh year of fighting, Aubrey defeated the army of Hagon the Heartless on Great Wyk. He considered restoring the throne to Harmund, who had been found in the dungeon of Hoare Castle, but instead gave the broken man the gift of mercy. Aubrey had Hagon mutilated the same way that Lelia had been, and then had him hanged. Aubrey also ordered that Hoare Castle be razed.[1]

Instead of returning to the westerlands, however, surprisingly Aubrey declared himself King of the Iron Islands. The Lannisters did not support this decision, and King Aubrey was overthrown by the ironborn after less than six months. The Shrike drowned him as a sacrifice to the Drowned God.[1]


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Preceded by King of the Iron Islands Unknown
Next known title holder:
Qhorwyn Hoare