Lelia Lannister

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Lelia Lannister
House Hoare.svg
Title Queen of the Iron Islands
Lady of Hoare Castle
Dowager Queen
Allegiance House Lannister
House Hoare
Culture Westermen
Spouse King Harmund II Hoare
Issue Harmund III Hoare
Hagon Hoare
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Lelia Lannister was a lady of House Lannister and Queen of the Iron Islands through her marriage to King Harmund II Hoare.[1]


Harmund II Hoare, known as Harmund the Haggler, spent his youth as a ward of the Lannisters at Casterly Rock. Once King of the Iron Islands, Harmund married Lady Lelia, the daughter of the King of the Rock and the "fairest flower of the west".[1] Their children were raised in the Faith of the Seven.[1]

When Lelia's eldest son became king as Harmund III Hoare, he was opposed by many ironborn and the priests of the Drowned God for his opposition to reaving, salt wives, and thralls. A priest known as the Shrike led a quick and successful rebellion which crowned Harmund's younger brother, Hagon Hoare, who restored ironborn traditions. Harmund III and the Dowager Queen Lelia were both mutilated for having turned away from the Drowned God. Lelia's lips, ears, eyelids, and tongue were removed, after which she was sent by longship back to Casterly Rock.[1]

The then-King of the Rock, Lelia's outraged nephew, went to war against the ironborn. Hagon the Heartless was defeated by Ser Aubrey Crakehall in the seventh year of fighting. Before being hanged, he suffered the same mutilations which had been done to Lelia.[1]


Harmund I
Unknown wife
King Lannister
Unknown wife
Harmund II
Harmund III
King Lannister


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