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Harmund III Hoare

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Harmund III Hoare
Biographical Information
Full Name Harmund of House Hoare, the Third of His Name
Alias Harmund the Handsome
Other Titles King of the Iron Islands
Died in , at Hoare Castle
Royal House House Hoare
Predecessor Harmund II Hoare
Successor Hagon Hoare
Father Harmund II Hoare
Mother Lelia Lannister
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Harmund III Hoare, known as Harmund the Handsome, was a King of the Iron Islands from House Hoare. The Hoare kings of his era were opposed by the priests of the Drowned God because of their support for the Faith of the Seven, discouraging of reaving, and promotion of trade.[1]


Harmund III was raised in the Faith of the Seven by his parents, King Harmund the Haggler and Queen Lelia Lannister. He outraged the ironborn and the priests of the Drowned God by outlawing reaving and the taking of salt wives. He was also opposed to thralls. A priest known as the Shrike led a rapid rebellion, and Harmund was cast down and mutilated, losing his eyes, tongue, and nose.[citation needed]

Harmund's brother, Hagon Hoare, took the throne and restored traditional ironborn practices. Harmund was confined to the dungeons of Hoare Castle and their mother, Lelia, was mutilated and returned to Casterly Rock, which led to war with House Lannister. When the westermen conquered Great Wyk in the seventh year of fighting, Ser Aubrey Crakehall considered restoring Harmund to the throne but instead decided to give the broken man the gift of mercy.[1]


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