Dagon Greyjoy (Drunkard)

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House Greyjoy.svgDagon Greyjoy
the Drunkard
House Greyjoy.svg
Alias Dagon the Drunkard[1]
Allegiance House Greyjoy[1]
Culture ironborn[1]
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Dagon Greyjoy, called Dagon the Drunkard, is a cousin of Asha Greyjoy, even more distantly related to her than her distant cousin Quenton Greyjoy. He is named after the famous Dagon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands.[1]


Called "Dagon the Drunkard" by men, his cousin Asha Greyjoy thought that he loved to fight drunk or sober.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Dagon sails with Asha Greyjoy and her other supporters to Deepwood Motte, where Asha contemplates her next move after the kingsmoot. Dagon and Quenton Greyjoy urge their cousin to join her strength to Dagmer Cleftjaw's at Torrhen's Square, preferring to take a last stand against the northmen.[1]

After the ironborn are ambushed by Stannis Baratheon while attempting to flee to their ships, only nine warriors survive the fight.[2] Dagon was either killed, or wounded and left behind at Deepwood.


Dagon the Drunkard, men called him, but drunk or sober he loved to fight.[1]

—thoughts of Asha Greyjoy


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