Ragged nine

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The ragged nine is the name used by Cromm to describe the ironborn prisoners at Deepwood Motte.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Deepwood Motte comes under attack by King Stannis Baratheon's army, Asha Greyjoy and her men flee towards the longships anchored at sea. They are overwhelmed in the wolfswood causing Asha to surender and plead Stannis to spare her men.[2][1] Stannis ransoms or uses the captains, knights, notable warriors, and nobles, but he hangs the rest of the survivors.[3]

Asha is made Stannis' personal prisoner when his army marches on Winterfell, leaving the last nine ironborn prisoners in the care of Lady Sybelle Glover. Cromm dies of his wounds in prison and two others are too weak to travel. Tycho Nestoris ransoms the last six and uses them as an escort to join Stannis at Winterfell.[4]

Ragged nine


Qarl and Tris and the rest who had survived the wolfswood were all she had to care about. Only nine remained. We ragged nine, Cromm named them. He was the worst wounded.[1]

Asha Greyjoy's thoughts

Stannis: Your ships are mine, or burnt. Your men … how many are left? Ten? Twelve?
Asha: Nine. Six, if you count only those strong enough to fight.[1]