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Queen Daenerys Targaryen meets with Kraznys mo Nakloz at the Plaza of Punishment just prior to the fall of Astapor

The Targaryen campaign in Slaver's Bay is an ongoing conflict in Essos, mainly in the region of Slaver's Bay. Daenerys Targaryen, urged on by Ser Jorah Mormont, traveled to Astapor to acquire herself an army of Unsullied, famous slave soldiers. Upon seeing the treatment of the slaves, Daenerys agreed to sell a dragon and all her goods in exchange for all the Unsullied. Upon acquiring her army, Daenerys ordered them to sack Astapor, while retaking command over Drogon. Having decided to free the slaves in Slaver's Bay and abolish slavery, Daenerys freed her soldiers, most of whom joined her willingly. They marched to Yunkai, and later onwards to Meereen. However, once Meereen was conquered, news reached the city about the situations in Astapor, where a former butcher has declared himself king and enslaved all highborn boys. Refusing to leave Meereen to a similar fate, Daenerys installs herself as the city's queen.

However, smashing the slave trade disrupts trade all over Essos. The Wise Masters of Yunkai resume their slavery and make alliances with Qarth, Tolos, and New Ghis against Daenerys. Yunkai meets the new king of Astapor in battle at the Horns of Hazzat, and later besiege the city. The city eventually falls, and the survivors fleeing to Meereen are infected with the pale mare, which slowly spreads there as well. Meanwhile, Daenerys faces resistance within Meereen from the Sons of the Harpy, who begin a shadow war against her. She is forced to lock up her dragons (though Drogon escapes capture), and finds herself with only a few small allies when Yunkai besieges Meereen. Read more...