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Sunspear, also referred to as the Old Palace, is the seat of House Nymeros Martell. It features as the capital of Dorne, and is located on the Broken Arm, north of the Greenblood, on the far southeastern coast of Westeros. The sea surrounds Sunspear from three sides, with the shadow city located on the fourth side, built against Sunspear’s walls. Sunspear developed around the Sandship, the original seat of House Martell, after the arrival of the Rhoynar, the marriage of warrior-queen Nymeria to Lord Mors Martell, and the unification of Dorne during Nymeria's War, near ~700 BC. The castle received its name from the union of the Martell spear and the sun of the Rhoynar. The original structure of the Sandship was expanded by towers built in the Rhoynish fashion over time. Two such towers are the Tower of the Sun and the Spear Tower; these are the first structures of Sunspear visitors see, whether they arrive by land or by sea. The high seat of the ruling Prince or Princess of Dorne can be found in the former tower; two twin seats, one decorated with the Martell spear, and the other with the Rhoynish sun. Three centuries after Nymeria's War, the three Winding Walls of the castle were build, to defend the castle. Only through the Threefold Gate can one travel to the castle while avoiding the labyrinth of houses in the shadow city.

During the last few centuries, Sunspear has been the site of several battles. During Aegon's Conquest, Princess Meria Martell defied Queen Rhaenys Targaryen at Sunspear. Several years later, during the First Dornish War, Sunspear was taken by the Targaryens early on, but quickly recaptured by the Dornish. During the Dragon's Wroth, Sunspear was the only castle in Dorne not burned by the Targaryens. King Daeron I Targaryen's original conquest of Dorne ended in victory at Sunspear with the Submission of Sunspear. Read more…