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Dagmer Cleftjaw aboard the Foamdrinker - by Amok ©

The Foamdrinker is a longship captained by Dagmer Cleftjaw, the master-at-arms for House Greyjoy of Pyke.[1] It has a high, carved prow and a cramped aft cabin.[2]

Recent Events

Foamdrinker - by Thomas Denmark © Fantasy Flight Games

A Clash of Kings

Dagmer and the Foamdrinker are part of the small force under the command of Theon Greyjoy during the harrying of the Stony Shore.[2] Deviating from the plan of his father Balon, King of the Iron Islands, Theon grants six longships to Aeron Greyjoy to continue raiding the shore but keeps the Foamdrinker and the Sea Bitch.[2]

Dagmer threatens Torrhen's Square,[3] but Ser Rodrik Cassel defeats him in the fight at Torrhen's Square.[4] Dagmer's distraction allows Theon to capture Winterfell, however.[3]

A Storm of Swords

After the sack of Winterfell, Dagmer and his men capture Torrhen's Square.[5]