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The gonfaloniere is an elected military official in the Free City of Lys.[1]


The gonfaloniere is appointed by the people and magisters of Lys. During periods of election, the candidates often procure entertainment for the commons and bribe the magisters to gain votes.[1]

The gonfaloniere is the leader of the Lysene army and can gain wealth and glory in case of military victory. This position is viewed as a stepping stone towards the office of First Magister.[1]


In the aftermath of the deaths of Lysandro Rogare and his brother Drazenko during the Lysene Spring, the gonfaloniere Moreo Dagareon was slain by his own elite guards and Torreo Haen was poisoned after being named First Magister.[1] Lysaro Rogare, Lysandro's son and heir, aspired to rule Lys and was elected gonfaloniere after bribing magisters and entertaining commoners. Lysaro planned on sacking Tyrosh or Myr to increase his wealth and influence, and then use these resources to become First Magister of Lys. However, the bankruptcy of the Rogare Bank put an end to Lysaro's ambitions and brought the downfall of his family.[1]

Known gonfalonieres

Behind the Scenes

The Gonfaloniere was an office in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


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