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The Goodheart is a pirate galley from Lys.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Goodheart and the Elephant are driven north by a storm. They drop anchor off Hardhome to make repairs and see the thousands of wildlings that had been led there by Mother Mole after the battle beneath the Wall. The desperate wildlings want to be taken away. The two ships do not have room for them all, so they agree to take the women and children. The wildlings have nothing to eat, so the men send out their wives and daughters, hundreds of them, but as soon as they are out to sea the pirates put them below and rope them up, meaning to sell them all as slaves in Lys.

The pirates' plans are foiled when another storm parts the two ships and badly damages the Goodheart. Her captain has no choice but to put in at Braavos where the Sealord seizes the ship as slaving is forbidden in Braavos.

Whilst in Pynto's tavern Arya Stark observes Lyseni sailors off the Goodheart on the table nearest to the fire speaking quietly over cups of black tar rum.[1]


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