Grey Waste

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The Grey Waste is a desert region in far eastern Essos.


The Grey Waste appears to be an expansive, cold desert in far eastern Essos.[1] It is located south of Mossovy, between the Cannibal Sands. Southwest of the area is the city of K'Dath. In the map collection The Lands of Ice and Fire, the Grey Waste is a greyish color, in contrast to the yellow deserts of the Cannibal Sands.[2]


Raiders out of the Grey Waste frequently attack the Five Forts, which separates the wastes from Yi Ti.[3]

Upon revealing their marriage in 49 AC, Alysanne Targaryen remarked that even if she was sent to the ends of the earth and forced to marry the Lord of the Grey Waste, she would still find her way back to Jaehaerys.[4]

Behind the Scenes

The Grey Waste has not yet been mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire, only appearing in the map collection The Lands of Ice and Fire.