Helicent Uffering

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Helicent Uffering
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Allegiance House Uffering
Born In 171 AC (roughly)[1]
Book(s) The Sworn Sword (appears)

Lady Helicent Uffering was a member of House Uffering and was the sister to Ser Rolland Uffering.[2]


Helicent was stout and square with a pointed head that her hair did not conceal. Her nose was big and her mouth small. She was a simple woman, and could not dress herself without the help of her septas.[2]


Lady Helicent was one of the courtiers at Coldmoat during the reign of Aerys I Targaryen. She came to Coldmoat with her brother, Ser Rolland Uffering, who was the fourth husband of Lady Rohanne Webber. Ser Lucas Inchfield introduced Helicent as Rohanne in order to embarrass Ser Duncan the Tall. She did not understand Dunk's meaning when he asked her about the dam on the Chequy Water, and was frightened when one of the other courtiers shouted that Dunk wanted to sleep with her.[2]


Dunk: Ser Eustace bid me talk with you concerning the recent trouble at your dam.
Helicent: The... dam, you say?
Dunk: The stream, the Chequy Water. Your ladyship built a dam across it...
Helicent: Oh, I am quite sure I haven’t. Why, I have been at my devotions all morning, ser.[2]


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