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A "lackwit" in Westeros refers to a person who is lacking intelligence. They are also often called "simpletons", "simple-minded", or sometimes just "simple". They are frowned upon by society. There are lackwits in all strata of society. Despite being lackwit some highborn can still inherit; for example, Lollys Stokeworth, who becomes the Lady of Stokeworth after the deaths of her mother Tanda Stokeworth, and her sister Falyse Stokeworth.[1] Men have been known to marry lackwit heiresses. Male lackwits sometimes become fools.

Known lackwits




Uncertainty about Moon Boy

On occasion, Moon Boy is described as a simpleton or lackwit. However, on multiple occasions, several characters wonder whether or not Moon Boy is truly a lackwit.[2][3] Moon Boy is known to mock people with deft cruelty, which puts doubts on whether or not he's truly a simpleton.[2] On one occasion, a drunken Dontos Hollard accuses Moon Boy of being a spy of Varys and that his simple-mindedness is just an act.[3]


I've known men to wed lackwits and suckling babes for prizes a tenth the size of Tarth.[4]