Humfrey Clifton

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None.svg Ser
Humfrey Clifton
Title Ser
Culture Westermen
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Humfrey Clifton is a knight of House Clifton. He is a sworn sword in service to King Stannis I Baratheon.[1] His relation to the head of the house, Ser Gareth Clifton, is unknown.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Humfrey accompanies Stannis Baratheon in his march on Winterfell in the north. When they become stranded at the crofter's village, Humfrey insists they press on, as they will die from cold and starvation if they stay. When Ned Woods concludes that the lake has been emptied by the fishermen, Humfrey insists that the lack of food is all the more reason to march, stating "If death is our fate, let us die with swords in hand."[1]


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