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Iggo TheMico.jpg
Art by The Mico ©

Allegiance Brave Companions
Culture Dothraki
Died 299 AC
Book A Storm of Swords (appears)

Iggo is a Dothraki member of the Brave Companions.


Iggo is scarred. He wears bells in his hair and uses an arakh.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Iggo is part of a four-man squad of Brave Companions searching for the escaped Nan (actually Arya Stark), Gendry, and Hot Pie. Iggo's group is set upon by a pack of wolves. The others die and Iggo kills two of the wolves, but has his arm ripped off and is slain by their direwolf leader, Nymeria who may be protecting Arya. Arya herself experiences the scene through a wolf dream.[1]

Quotes about Iggo

[Iggo's party] thought they were hunting her, she knew with all the strange sharp certainty of dreams, but they were wrong. She was hunting them.[1]

Arya's thoughts when warged into Nymeria