Jade Gates

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Jade Gates is located in The Known World
Jade Gates
The known world and the location of the Jade Gates

The Jade Gates is a narrow strait which connects the Summer Sea and the Jade Sea, separating the great city of Qarth on the southern coast of Essos from the island of Great Moraq. The Cinnamon Straits is a similar passageway south of Great Moraq.[1] Located in the east of the strait is the small island of Qal, which is fortified at each end with Qartheen harbor cities.[2]


The Jade Gates is a major trade hub between the east and west[3] from which Qarth derives its considerable wealth and power by taxing passing ships. The Jades Gates is patrolled by the ornate galleys of the Pureborn.[4]


The Pureborn of Qarth built a fleet of galleys to control the strait during the Century of Blood.[5]

During the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, Rego Draz imposed a heavy tax on spices from east of the Jade Gates.[6]

Corlys Velaryon was the first Westerosi to pass the Jade Gates.[7] On the first of his nine voyages on Sea Snake, Corlys sailed to Yi Ti and Leng, returning with spice and silk.[8]


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