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Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk
Died In 299 ACthe Wall
Lover Val

Jarl is a wildling raider.

Appearance and Character

Jarl is a dark and fierce young man.[1]


Jarl has been a raider for eight years, having gone over the Wall with the Weeper and Alfyn Crowkiller.[2] He is eventually 'stolen' by Val.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Jarl is present in Mance Rayder's tent when Jon Snow is presented to the King-Beyond-the-Wall.[1] Mance tasks him, together with Styr, to scale the Wall and take Castle Black from the rear.[3] Jarl and Styr share the command, although Styr, who commands significantly more men than Jarl, resents this and often acts as the sole commander.[2] As they travel to the Wall, Jarl keeps a suspicious eye on Jon Snow, who accompanies him.[2] Together with Styr, Jarl questions Jon Snow about the patrols of the Night's Watch on the Wall. Jarl specifically asks whether Stonedoor and Greyguard are presently manned, and is quick to realize when Jon lies about the number of men stationed at Castle Black, Eastwatch, and the Shadow Tower.[2] Jarl divides his eleven men into three teams of four, being the twelth climber himself, and leads his men up the Wall. During the sixth hour of his climb, Jarl and his group of three fall to their deaths when a large chunk of ice breaks off.[4] Jarl's body is later found impaled on a tree.[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Val asks Jon Snow about the manner of Jarl's death.[5]