Jennis Templeton

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House Templeton.svg Lady
Jennis Templeton
House Mullendore.svg
Title Lady of Uplands
Culture Valemen
Spouse Lord Mullendore

Jennis Templeton was a noblewoman from House Templeton, companion to Queen Alysanne Targaryen,[1] and later Lady of Uplands during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[2]


Jennis Templeton was a companion to Queen Alysanne Targaryen on Dragonstone from 51 AC.[1]

During the second wedding of King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne, Jennis helped to disrobe the king as part of the bedding ceremony.[3]

During Alysanne's pregnancy with Princess Daenerys, she sent Jennis to hold women's courts in her place.[4]

In 55 AC, Jennis married Lord Mullendore of Uplands as arranged by Alysanne. It was considered an exceptional match for her, and a triumph for the queen.[2]


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