Lord Vyrwel

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House Vyrwel 2.svgLord VyrwelHouse Vyrwel 2.svg
Title Lord of Darkdell
Allegiance House Vyrwel
Culture Reach
Spouse Lady Vyrwel[1]
Book The Mystery Knight (appears)

Lord Vyrwel[N 1] was the Lord of Darkdell and the head of House Vyrwel during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen.[1] His given name is unknown.


In 212 AC, Lord Vyrwel came with his lady wife to Whitewalls to attend the wedding of the daughter of Lord Frey to Lord Ambrose Butterwell. During the wedding feast, Lord Vyrwel was seated at the top of the hall in a place of high honor.[1]

Ser Glendon Flowers was imprisoned after being accused of stealing the prize of the wedding's tourney, Ambrose's treasured dragon egg. When Ser Duncan the Tall publicly declared that Glendon had been falsely accused, Daemon II Blackfyre ordered Lords Vyrwel, Sunderland, and Smallwood to fetch Glendon from the dungeons.[1]

After the Second Blackfyre Rebellion was put down, a man in service to Lord Vyrwel claimed to have been one of the spies of Lord Brynden Rivers. He was promptly killed by a knight in service to Lord Costayne.[1] It is unknown if Lord Vyrwel suffered any punishment for the part he played in the rebellion.


Daemon: I want the truth of this. Sunderland, Vyrwel, Smallwood, take your men and go find Ser Glendon in the dungeons. Bring him up forthwith, and see that no harm comes to him. If any man should try to hinder you, tell him you are about the king's business.
Lord Vyrwel: As you command.[1]

Daemon II Blackfyre and Lord Vyrwel


  1. He is once misspelled as "Lord Vrywel" and twice as "Lord Vrvwel" in The Mystery Knight.