Mathos II Arryn

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Mathos II Arryn
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Biographical Information
Full Name Mathos Arryn, Second of His Name
Titles King of Mountain and Vale
Culture Andal
Royal House House Arryn
Queen Unknown
Issue Sons
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Mathos II Arryn was a King of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn.[1]


During the Rape of the Three Sisters, the name by which the Northern conquest of the isles is best known, the atrocities done by the Kings of Winter were horrible enough, that the remaining lords of the Three Sisters asked King Mathos II for his help, help he gladly gave. The help came, provided upon the condition that the Three Sisters agreed to do fealty to him and House Arryn and acknowledge the right of the Eyrie to rule them.[1]

His wife questioned the wisdom of fighting this War Across the Water, but he replied: "that he would sooner have a pirate than a wolf for his neighbour".[1]

He set sail for Sisterton with a hundred warships but he never returned. His sons carried on the war after him.[1]