Rape of the Three Sisters

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Rape of the Three Sisters
Conflict War Across the Water
Place Three Sisters
Result Northern occupation of the Three Sisters
Sistermen submitted to the Vale of Arryn to drive out the northmen
Kingdom of the North Sistermen
Belthasar Bolton

The Rape of the Three Sisters was an invasion of the Three Sisters by the north two thousand years ago. It led to a thousand years of war between the north and the Vale of Arryn,[1] which are described in The Chronicles of Longsister.[2]


Previously a free people ruled by their own kings, the islands of the Three Sisters were conquered by northmen who had tired of their pirating and pillaging. According to chronicles written by Sistermen and men of the Vale of Arryn, the northmen committed numerous atrocities. Supposedly, they killed children and cooked them in pots, disemboweled men and wound their entrails around spits, executed three thousand warriors in a single day at the Headman's Mount, and Belthasar Bolton made a "Pink Pavilion" out of the flayed skins of a hundred Sistermen. Northern accounts of the war do not mention these actions.[2]

King Theon Stark once conquered the islands,[3] although it is unknown if this was part of the Rape of the Three Sisters or during a different time.


In response to the invasion, the Sistermen turned to Mathos II Arryn, King of Mountain and Vale, for assistance in ousting the northmen. In return, the previously independent Sistermen bent the knee to the Eyrie. The Rape of the Three Sisters became the first act in a thousand years of conflict between the Starks and Arryns over the islands, known as the War Across the Water, or the Worthless War.[1]


I have no love for northmen. The maesters say the Rape of the Three Sisters was two thousand years ago, but Sisterton has not forgotten.[1]


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