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Blood and prophecies by crisurdiales.jpg
Cersei, Melara, and Maggy. Artwork by Cris Urdiales, used with permission.

Allegiance House Hetherspoon
Culture Westermen
Born 264 AC or 265 AC[1]
Died 276 AC[1]
Lannisport or Casterly Rock
Father Tybolt Hetherspoon

Played by Isabella Steinbarth
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 5

Melara Hetherspoon was a noblewoman of House Hetherspoon and a childhood friend of Cersei Lannister.

Appearance and Character

According to Cersei Lannister, Melara contrasted to the "fat" Jeyne Farman. Melara was pretty, though she had freckles. At the age of eleven, she had been "healthy as a little horse".[3]

Cersei thinks of Melara as having been bolder than Jeyne and possibly bolder than Cersei herself.[3] Cersei also recalls her as "a greedy little schemer with ideas above her station".[4]


Melara was a close friend to Cersei Lannister during their youths.[4][5] From the serving girls at Casterly Rock, Melara heard that Maggy the Frog could curse a man, make him fall in love, summon demons, and foretell the future.[5] In 276 AC, Melara, Cersei Lannister and Jeyne Farman slipped from their beds during the tournament in honor of Viserys's birth and went to see Maggy the Frog, to have their fortunes told. Jeyne fled when Maggy opened her eyes to greet the visitors, but Melara and Cersei stayed and insisted on hearing their futures. Melara was present when Maggy made the prophecy of the valonqar (High Valyrian for "little brother"), to Cersei Lannister.[6] Melara asked if she would one day marry Jaime Lannister, but Maggy told her that she would die that night, and her death was close.[3] Afterwards, Melara insisted to Cersei that, as long as they remained silent about what they had learned, the prophecies would not come true.[7] According to Cersei, Melara fell down a well and drowned not long after hearing the prophecy.[3] She recalls that Melara "was not so silent in the well" and that she had "screamed and shouted".[7]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Cersei Lannister recalls Melara and the night they visited Maggy the Frog and learned about the prophecy concerning Cersei's valonqar.[8][4][5][3][7]

A Dance with Dragons

During her walk of atonement, Cersei Lannister sees a young girl in the crowd sitting beneath a fountain, drenched in spray, staring at her with Melara's accusing eyes.[9]