Mern VI Gardener

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Mern VI Gardener
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Biographical Information
Full Name Mern of House Gardener, the Sixth of His Name
Other Titles King of the Reach
Royal House House Gardener
Predecessor Garth X Gardener
Heir Garth XI Gardener
Successor Garth XI Gardener
Issue Garth XI Gardener
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Mern VI Gardener was a King of the Reach and head of House Gardener.


Mern was a second cousin of the late Garth X Gardener, who had died without issue after becoming a tool in a war between House Peake and House Manderly for supremacy. Ser Osmund Tyrell, High Steward of Highgarden, had led an alliance of houses against the upstarts, defeated them, and placed Mern on the throne as King Mern VI Gardener.

Although a man of modest gifts, Mern ruled well, rebuilding Highgarden and doing much and more to restore the power of the Reach and House Gardener, relying on the counsel of his Stewards: Ser Osmund, and later Osmund's son Ser Robert Tyrell, and finally Robert's son Lorent Tyrell.[1] King Mern was so pleased with them that he gave Ser Robert the hand of his youngest daughter in marriage, thereby allowing the following generations of Tyrells to claim decent from Garth Greenhand.[2]

Mern VI was succeeded by his son Garth XI.[1]


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