Anarchy in the Reach

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Note: The title of this article is pure conjecture and may be subject to change.
Anarchy in the Reach
Date Unknown (lasted almost a decade)
Location The Reach
House Manderly.svg House Manderly (daughter of Garth X)

House Peake.svg House Peake (daughter of Garth X)

House Tyrell.svg House Tyrell (Mern Gardener)
Notable commanders
House Manderly.svg Lord Manderly

House Peake.svg Lord Peake

House Tyrell.svg Ser Osmund Tyrell
King Garth X GardenerUnknown

A period of anarchy followed the death of King Garth X of the Reach.[1]


After 89 years on the Oakenseat, King Garth Greybeard was senile and had an insecure succession, having sired only daughters, one of whom was married to Lord Manderly and another to Lord Peake, both lords pushing for their own wives to succeed the king. The rivalry between Manderly and Peake was marked by betrayal, conspiracy, and murder, eventually escalating into an open war of succession.[1]


With the Reach in chaos and its king incapable, the Storm King and the King of the Rock seized large swathes of territory. Dornish raids grew bolder and more frequent, culminating in one Dornish king besieging Oldtown whilst another crossed the Mander and sacked Highgarden. The Oakenseat was chopped to pieces and burned, and King Garth was murdered in his bed. The Dornish force then stripped Highgarden of all its wealth and put it to the torch.[1]

Almost a decade of anarchy followed, with the Manderly-Peake conflict raging on. Finally, the High Steward of Highgarden, Ser Osmund Tyrell, intervened by making common cause with the other lords of the Reach and defeating both factions. He then reclaimed Highgarden and installed Mern VI Gardener, a second cousin to the late king.[1]


The new king spent his reign rebuilding Highgarden and restoring the power of House Gardener and the Reach. His son and successor, Garth XI, took vengeance upon the Dornishmen, earning the epithet Garth the Painter after Lord Hightower said that the Red Mountains had been green until the king painted them with Dornish blood.[1]


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