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The Old Mint is located within the city walls of White Harbor at Fishfoot Yard. It has huge oak and iron doors.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

While at Winterfell for the harvest feast, Lord Wyman Manderly meets with Bran Stark, Ser Rodrik Cassel, and Maester Luwin. He proposes to mint coins at White Harbor for Robb Stark, King in the North.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

While in Fishfoot Yard Davos Seaworth notices that the Old Mint's doors are open, while they had always been closed during his previous visits to Fishfoot Yard. Davos glimpses hundreds of women and children and old men living inside, huddled on the floor on piles of furs. Some have little cookfires going. Most are smallfolk from up the White Knife, while others are from Hornwood. With the Bastard of Bolton running loose they have sought sanctuary inside White Harbor city's walls.

What Lord Wyman Manderly means to do with them no one knows. They survive by begging and stealing. Many young girls have become prostitutes, while any boy that stands five feet tall can find a place in Lord Manderly's barracks, as long as he can hold a spear.[1]

When he hears that the people staying in the Old Mint have come for sanctuary Davos despairs, thinking:

They came here for refuge, to a city untouched by the fighting, and here I turn up to drag them back into the war.[1]

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