Palace of Sorrow

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The ruins of the Palace of Sorrow - by Dimitri Bielak. © FFG

The Palace of Sorrow is a ruined island palace in the Rhoyne at Chroyane.[1] Prior to the festival city's downfall a thousand years ago, the structure was called the Palace of Love by the Rhoynar.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Travelling down the Rhoyne, the Shy Maid and her crew pass the palace. Tyrion Lannister sees slender, broken spires and roofless towers thrusting blindly upward. The crew see graceful buttresses, delicate arches, fluted columns, terraces and bowers. The palace's towers and fallen stones are covered in thick, grey moss and black vines. The fog allows Tyrion to see only a quarter of the palace, but he believes it must have been ten times the size of the Red Keep and a hundred times more beautiful.[1]


There was laughter here once ... There were gardens bright with flowers and fountains sparkling golden in the sun. Those steps once rang to the sound of lovers' footsteps, and beneath that broken dome marriages beyond count were sealed with a kiss.[1]

Tyrion Lannister's thoughts


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