A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 18

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Tyrion V
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Tyrion Lannister
Place the Sorrows and Chroyane
Page 232 UK HC (Other versions)
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Tyrion and his companions aboard the Shy Maid continue their way down the Rhoyne. As they encounter heavy amounts of fog in the Sorrows, severely hindering their visibility, Ysilla insists that it is not a common fog, claiming that restless spirits surround them.

Tyrion is initially unconcerned and begins to make japes, but he quickly begins to re-evaluate the situation as the surroundings grow more and more eerie. The Shy Maid floats past the ruins of a palace in the ruins of Chroyane, and Tyrion recalls to himself the brief joy he once had with Tysha.

Fearing an attack from the fog, Griff orders Young Griff to accompany Septa Lemore to safety below deck. Tyrion reveals his knowledge regarding the boy, and confirms bits of information he apparently learned from his previous bet with Haldon. Young Griff is in fact young Aegon Targaryen, although Tyrion is uncertain how he survived the events following the Trident. He also comes to the conclusion that Griff is the late Rhaegar Targaryen's friend Jon Connington, the former Hand of the King.

Tyrion fights the stone men who jumped onto the Shy Maid. © FFG

Tyrion also reveals his Lannister roots to the party, but there is no time to discuss loyalties or intentions. The Shy Maid is attacked by stone men. He helps to make efforts to ensure the safety of the now-revealed young prince on board, but the dwarf is knocked into the water, dragged down by one of the stone men.

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