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Alias Rey[1]
Culture Westeros
Book A Clash of Kings (appears)

Reysen is one of the recruits for the Night’s Watch found by Yoren[2] and is part of the band marching north to the Wall.[3]


Reysen is old and uses a tall hardwood walking staff.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

A group of gold cloaks carrying an arrest warrant for Gendry catches up with Yoren's band at an inn on the kingsroad. When one of the gold cloaks asks them whether they are the group headed for the Wall, Reysen answers that they would rather join the City Watch as they heard it is cold at the Wall. Yoren refuses to hand anyone over and the gold cloaks threaten to use force, prompting Yoren's band to offer resistance, including Reysen who says that everyone of the group is ready to take on the men of the City Watch, snatching his tall walking staff to use it as weapon. In the end, the gold cloaks retreat without violence breaking out.[3]

Avoiding the kingsroad after this encounter, the band moves north- and westwards on side streets in the direction of the Gods Eye. One day they come across a brook, but the water tastes funny, prompting Lommy Greenhands to announce that this comes from dead bodies rotting in the water upstream. This comment nearly leads to Hot Pie hitting Lommy, but Reysen keeps them apart.[4]

The band arrives at the eastern side of the river running south from the Gods Eye and move northwards from there. They come to an abandoned cottage and Reysen, Yoren and Dobber search it but find nothing.[4]

They move on to a town on the southern shore of the Gods Eye, where Yoren wants to rent boats for crossing the lake, but the town is deserted and no boats can be found. Yoren decides to spend the night in the town's holdfast. When men under the command of Ser Amory Lorch surround the holdfast that night and order Yoren to open its gate in the name of the king, Reysen demands in which king's name, which earns him a cuff by Woth.[1]

Nothing further is known about his fate, but when Arry and Gendry, who escaped via a tunnel, return to the holdfast the next evening, they find out that all who remained have died.[5]