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Prince Aegon the Younger and his dragon Stormcloud by Jota Saraiva.jpg
Stormcloud and Aegon the Younger by Jota Saraiva

Died In 5th day of the 1st moon of 130 AC[N 1]Dragonstone[1]

Stormcloud was a young male dragon bonded with Prince Aegon the Younger.[2]


A dragon egg was placed in the cradle of Prince Aegon Targaryen at his birth, and hatched into the dragon Stormcloud. At the start of the civil war called the Dance of the Dragons, nine-year-old Aegon had yet to mount his young dragon.[3]

During the civil war, it was decided by Prince Jacaerys Velaryon that his half-brothers Aegon and Viserys Targaryen should be sent to Pentos to be fostered by the Prince of Pentos for their own safety. In late 129 AC, the young princes boarded the Pentoshi cog Gay Abandon at Dragonstone. Aegon took Stormcloud with him, and Viserys took his dragon egg. In the Gullet, the cog and her escort ships were captured by warships sailing under the banners of the Three Daughters. Aegon escaped by flying away on Stormcloud, his first flight.[1]

Prince Aegon managed to reach Dragonstone, clinging desperately to his dragon's neck. Stormcloud had been terribly wounded as he fled; when he arrived at Dragonstone stubs of countless arrows were embedded in his belly, and there was a scorpion bolt through his neck. Stormcloud died within the hour, hissing as the hot blood gushed black and smoking from his wounds. After Stormcloud's death, Aegon would never fly again.[2]

Known dragonriders of Stormcloud


  1. Stormcloud died during the Battle of the Gullet which The World of Ice & Fire includes among the battles of 129 AC, but George R. R. Martin settled for 130 AC in Fire & Blood.


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