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Talbert Serry
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Talbert Serry.jpg
Talbert Serry and Victarion Greyjoy engaged in combat.
Art by Aleksandar Radovanovic

Allegiance House Serry
Culture Reach
Died 300 AC
near the Shield Islands, the Reach
Father Osbert Serry

Talbert Serry is a knight of House Serry. He is the son and heir of Lord Osbert Serry of Southshield.[1]

Appearance and Character

Talbert is a brave young knight without a beard.[2]

Talbert is a good and quick fighter. In battle, he wields a castle-forged longsword and shield. The white rose of House Serry is depicted on his surcoat and his shield.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

During the taking of the Shields by the ironborn fleet, Ser Talbert commands a ship in the Shield Islands fleet that defends the mouth of the Mander. Victarion Greyjoy, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, rams Talbert's smaller ship with Iron Victory. Talbert ably fights Victarion, and the raider is forced to defend himself by catching the knight's longsword in his gauntlet, with the blade cutting into Victarion's hand. Victarion throws Talbert's sword into the sea, overpowers the younger man, and forces him overboard. After the battle, Victarion thinks his adversary likely drowned in his armor.[1]

According to Margaery Tyrell, Lord Osbert Serry's son and heir was slain.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

Victarion thinks about Talbert on his voyage to Slaver's Bay, as his infected left hand is not healing. Victarion wonders if Talbert's sword had been poisoned, but he discounts the idea of a knight using poison. Victarion instead considers blaming Maester Kerwin.[4]

Quotes by Talbert

Victarion: You! You of the rose? Be you the lord of Southshield?

Talbert: His son and heir. Ser Talbert Serry. And who are you, kraken?

Victarion: Your death.[1]

Victarion Greyjoy and Talbert

Quotes about Talbert

May he feast as he fought, in the Drowned God's watery halls.[1]

Victarion Greyjoy to his crew

A brave man, thought Victarion. Almost ironborn.[1]

—thoughts of Victarion Greyjoy

Serry, that had been his name. A knight, and heir to Southshield. I killed him, but he stabs at me from beyond the grave. From the hot heart of whatever hell I sent him to, he thrusts his steel into my hand and twists.[4]

—thoughts of Victarion Greyjoy