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Talbert Serry
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Talbert Serry and Victarion Greyjoy engaged in combat.
Art by Aleksandar Radovanovic

Title Ser
Allegiance House Serry
Culture Reach
Died In 300 AC, at near the Shield Islands, the Reach
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Ser Talbert Serry is a knight of House Serry. The son and heir of Lord Osbert Serry of Southshield.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Ser Talbert commanded a ship in the Shield Islands fleet that engaged the ironborn fleet at the mouth of the Mander in the taking of the Shields. There he encountered Lord Captain Victarion Greyjoy, who rammed his ship. Ser Talbert fought Lord Victarion but was overcome by Victarion's brute strength and was thrown overboard in his armour. Victarion thinks to himself that Serry likely drowned.[1] According to Margaery Tyrell Lord Serry's son and heir was slain.

A Dance with Dragons

Victarion Greyjoy thinks about Serry on the voyage to Slaver's Bay. His left hand throbs with a dull, persistent pain. When he closes his fist the pain sharpens and feels as if a knife is stabbing up his arm. He thinks to himself, “not a knife, a longsword. A longsword in the hands of a ghost.” He remembers that his name had been Serry, a knight and heir to Southshield. “I killed him, but he stabs at me from beyond the grave. From the hot heart of hell I sent him to, he thrusts his steel into my hand a twists.[2]


A brave man. Almost ironborn.[1]

Victarion Greyjoy, on Talbert




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