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Dothraki.svg Khal
HBO QohorKhal TemmoII.png
Khal Temmo awakes to the three thousand Unsullied

Title Khal
Race Dothraki
Culture Dothraki
Born the Century of Blood
Died the Century of Blood
before the gates of Qohor
Spouse Wives[1]
Issue Sons[2]

Temmo was a Dothraki khal who lived four hundred years before the War of the Usurper, during the Century of Blood after the Doom of Valyria. He was a great conqueror, but today is best remembered for his loss in the Battle of the Three Thousand.


Temmo came into conflict with Khal Dhako, the Dragon of the North, who was old by then. Temmo's khalasar broke Dhako's and Temmo took the elder khal captive, and fed Dhako to the flames, cutting off his hands, feet, and genitals, and roasting them before his eyes, after first burning his wives and sons in the same manner.[1]

Khal Temmo led his khalasar to Qohor to sack the city. He destroyed the city's defenders on the first day and retired to his camps for the night, planning to sack the city the following day. The next morning he awoke to find three thousand Unsullied barring the way. Eighteen times the khalasar attacked the Unsullied, to no avail. Khal Temmo was slain in the battle, along with all his sons, and bloodriders. His khalasar suffered grievous losses and eventually chose to retreat.[2]


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