Tybero Istarion

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Tybero Istarion
Second Sons small.png
Second Sons small.png
Alias Inkpots
Allegiance Second Sons
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)
The Winds of Winter (appears)

Tybero Istarion, better known as Inkpots is the paymaster of the mercenary company the Second Sons.

Appearance & Character

He is plump and balding, with ink stains on his fingers. He usually speaks in a mild tone.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

He along with the rest of the Second Sons went over to the Yunkai when Brown Ben Plumm thought Daenerys Targaryens cause was lost. When Tyrion Lannister wrote out hundreds of documents promising large sums of gold to several high ranking members in the company Inkpots was promised 10,000 Golden Dragons.[1]

The Winds of Winter

As the Second Siege of Meereen starts Tyrion is watching Viserion in flight. He smells urine and turns to see that Inkpots has pissed himself at the terrible sight of Viserion snatching corpses in mid-air being flung by the Wicked Sister and the sight of panic as it ripples out across the camps. Tyrion tells him that he'd best go and change his breaches - and turn his cloak whilst he is about it. Inkpots blanches but does not move. A Yunkish officer rides up to them and orders Inkpots to bring the company to the shores of the bay. Inkpots refuses to obey the order.[2]


I always pay my debts as well.

—Inkpots, to Tyrion Lannister

I keep the books. I guard our gold. I draw up our agreements, collect our wages, make certain that we have sufficient coin to buy provisions. I do not decide who we fight or when.

—Inkpots, to Tyrion Lannister