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Worm is located in Slaver's Bay
Slaver's Bay and the location of the Worm

The Worm[1] or Worm River[2] is a river in central Essos. Its headwaters begin in the hills north of Ghiscar and the city of Astapor lies near the river's mouth, where it flows into Slaver's Bay.[3]


The Worm is a meandering river, wide and slow and crooked. It has tranquil banks, and is dotted with tiny wooded islands.[4] At dusk Astapori pleasure barges sail up and down the Worm, playing soft music and calling at little islands for food, wine and other delights.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

On her way to the Plaza of Punishment to collect the Unsullied she has agreed to purchase, Daenerys Targaryen leads her tattered band up along the Worm. She glimpses children playing on one of the wooded islands, darting amongst elegant marble statues. On another island two lovers kiss in the shade of tall green trees, with no more shame than Dothraki at a wedding. Without clothing Daenerys cannot tell if they are slaves or free.[4]