Ellyn Caron

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House Caron.svg Lady
Ellyn Caron
House Caron.svg
Allegiance House Caron[1]
Culture Marcher[1]
Died 3749 AC[2]

Ellyn Caron was the Lady of the Marches, Lady of Nightsong, and the head of House Caron during the early reign of Aenys I Targaryen.[1]


When the Vulture King raided the Dornish Marches in the Second Dornish War, he led half of his host against Nightsong and Horn Hill. The outlaw "king" was unable to capture Nightsong and abandoned the siege, marching his army west. However, Lady Ellyn sallied forth behind him and joined her strength with a strong force led by Lord Harmon Dondarrion. Meanwhile, Lord Samwell Tarly joined the battle athwart the Dornish line of march. Although the Vulture King's army was twice the size of his three foes combined, his host shattered when surrounded by armored knights.[1]

Afterward, Ellyn was one of the many nobles rewarded by a grateful King Aenys I Targaryen with gold, offices, and honors.[1]


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Unknown Lady of Nightsong
Lady of the Marches
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