Field of Crows

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Field of Crows
Field of Crows.jpg
Field of Crows, as depicted by Paolo Puggioni in The World of Ice & Fire.
Place Sarne, between Sarnath and Kasath
Result Decisive Dothraki victory
Tall Men Dothraki
Mazor Alexi Haro
6,000 scythed chariots
10,000 armored riders
10,000 light horsemen
close to 100,000 spearmen and slingers
almost 80,000 horsemen
Mazor Alexi
6 lesser kings†
more than 60 lords and heroes†
~100,000 men

The Field of Crows was the largest battle between the Dothraki and the Tall Men during the Century of Blood. The victory of the horselords allowed them to conquer the rest of the Kingdom of Sarnor.[1]


The Kingdom of Sarnor was a confederation of cities, each with their own king, which was ruled by a High King. Many of the Sarnori, or Tall Men, sought to use the Dothraki nomads for their own benefit, not recognizing the threat the horselords posed to their cities. Although several Sarnori cities were sacked and burned by the Dothraki, it was the fall of Mardosh that led the Sarnori to unite behind High King Mazor Alexi.


The Sarnori army contained six thousand scythed chariots, ten thousand heavy horse, ten thousand light horse, and one hundred thousand foot. They met four khalasars, nearly eighty thousand Dothraki, halfway between Sarnath and Kasath. The van of Sarnori chariots cut through the Dothraki, including Khal Haro, causing his khalasar to rout. Mazor Alexi led the Sarnori in pursuit, but quickly fell into a trap. While Haro's survivors fired arrows at the Sarnori, Khal Qano attacked from the north and Khal Zhako from the south. Khal Loso's mobile khalasar attacked from the rear, preventing the Sarnori from retreating. Mazor Alexi and his great host were destroyed by the four khalasars. A hundred thousand men may have died in the battle.[1]


The Dothraki quickly conquered Sarnath, which lacked defenders, and then gradually conquered the remaining Sarnori cities, with the exception of Saath.[1]


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