Harbert Paege

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House Paege.svg Ser
Harbert Paege
House Paege.svg
Title Ser
Allegiance House Paege
Culture Rivermen
Born Riverlands[1]
Book The Mystery Knight (appears)

Harbert Paege was a knight from House Paege during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen.[2]


Harbert's golden courser was barded in black and was decorated with the red and white serpents of House Paege.[2]

Harbert distrusted Ser Glendon Ball for being a bastard.[2]


In 212 AC, Harbert was present at the wedding of Lord Ambrose Butterwell to the daughter of Lord Frey at Whitewalls. During the the tourney held to celebrate the marriage, Harbert was defeated by Ser Franklyn Frey after five tilts.[2]


All bastards are thieves, or worse. Blood will tell.[2]

—Harbert to Duncan the Tall