Harrold Langward

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House Langward.svg Ser
Harrold Langward
Title Ser[1]
Culture Crownlands
Died 48 AC[1]
King's Landing[1]

Harrold Langward was a knight from House Langward and a member of the Kingsguard during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

By 48 AC Harrold was an elderly man.[1]


Ser Harrold served in the Kingsguard during Maegor's reign. After King Maegor's mysterious death upon the Iron Throne, the new young king Jaehaerys I Targaryen offered Maegor's surviving Kingsguard a choice between execution or taking the black. Harrold was the only one of the surviving white cloaks who did not take the black, but instead asked for trial by combat. He fought and was subsequently slain by Ser Gyles Morrigen, a young knight from the stormlands.[1]


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