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 Theories may be removed if ... 
  1. Stated as questions or possibilities.
  2. More appropriate for another article.
  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
  4. Proven by canon source, and moved to main page.
  5. Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments.
  6. Responding to another theory (use discussion page instead).
  • This does not include responses that are also standalone theories.
  • Usage of an indented bullet does not imply the statement is a response.

Jaqen H'ghar changes his face and name after he leaves Arya Stark.[1] The description of his new face matches that of the Alchemist that meets with Pate in Oldtown. Pate later meets Samwell Tarly, but at the end of his Prologue chapter he appeared to have been murdered by the Alchemist. It's possible the Alchemist stole his identity.

Supporting Evidence

  • Jaqen H'ghar's new face is described similarly to that of the Alchemist.
  • It is unclear whether Pate dies at the end of his chapter or merely passes out, though all other prologue characters either die immediately at, or shortly after, the end to their chapters.
  • It is very unlikely the Pate Sam meets when he reaches Oldtown is the same Pate in the prologue of "A Feast for Crows." The Pate in the prologue hates being connected to Spotted Pate the pig boy [2] while in the final chapter of A Feast For Crows he introduces himself as "Pate like the pig boy".[3]
  • Jaqen H'ghar can change the appearance of his face at will, and would easily be able to copy Pate's.
  • It's quite strange for a Faceless Man to be in the black cells of the Red Keep. He would not have left Braavos without a distinct purpose.


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