Lord Commander's Tower

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The Lord Commander's Tower[1] or Lord Commander's Keep[2] is one of the towers of Castle Black.


The Lord Commander's Tower is a formidable stone tower. The top two floors contain the chambers of the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. The tower's solar includes a table and windows with heavy drapes. An inner door leads to the sleeping cell of Jeor Mormont.[3] Below the Lord Commander's chambers are cells for other black brothers.[4] Its subcellars include an undervault.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After being named as the steward to Jeor Mormont, Jon Snow moves from Hardin's Tower[6] to a cell below Jeor's chambers.[4] When Othor rises as a wight and attempts to assassinate Jeor, Jon saves the Lord Commander's life after being awakened by Ghost. Jon burns the wight after drapes are set afire from an oil lamp.[3] The interior of the tower's top two floors are gutted from the fire, so Jeor makes his residence in the King's Tower.[7]

A Storm of Swords

During the attack on Castle Black, Jon sees the empty shell of the Lord Commander's Keep. Ygritte is killed near the tower during the fighting.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Jon, now Lord Commander, resides in Donal Noye's old quarters behind the armory, since the Lord Commander's Tower is a shell and Stannis Baratheon has occupied the King's Tower.[8] Jon orders that the captive Cregan Karstark be moved from the ice cells to the undervault of the Lord Commander's Tower.[5]


The Night's Watch is thousands of years old, but I'll wager Lord Snow's the first brother ever honored for burning down the Lord Commander's Tower.[7]