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Night's Watch.svgOthorNight's Watch.svg
Ghost attacks the wight who was once Othor.
Art by Mike S Miller

Died 298 AC
the haunted forest
Book A Game of Thrones (appears)

Played by Unidentified
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Othor is a ranger of the Night's Watch.


Othor is a big, ugly man, who carries a hunting horn and an axe.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Othor is a member of the ranging party commanded by Benjen Stark, and he sings bawdy songs when they depart Castle Black.[1] Some months later, when Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly say their vows beneath the weirwood grove north of the Wall, Jon's direwolf Ghost finds the corpses of Othor and Jafer Flowers in the haunted forest.[2]

The bodies are covered in mortal wounds, and their flesh is white as milk, except for their hands, which have turned black. Their eyes are open, blue as sapphires. Samwell notes that their blood is dry and crusty, yet the bodies aren't rotting or touched by scavengers, and the dogs and horses refuse to go near them. He also recognizes that there's no blood anywhere around the bodies, meaning they could not have been killed there. Dywen notes that Othor did not have blue eyes, and Ser Jaremy Rykker realizes that neither did Jafer. Several of the other rangers urge that the bodies should be burned, but Lord Commander Jeor Mormont wants Maester Aemon to examine them further. The corpses are brought back to Castle Black, carried in slings.[1]

That night, reanimated as a wight, Othor seeks out and attempts to kill Lord Commander Mormont. Jon Snow, woken by Ghost, enters the Lord Commander's chamber where he finds the door open and Mormont's raven squawking. Ghost attacks Othor, who attempts to strangle the direwolf, until Jon cuts off an arm with his sword. Jon strikes at Othor's face, but the severed hand claws at his leg. Ghost attacks the hand, but Othor slams into Jon, knocking him down. In the fall, Jon loses his sword. Othor lands atop Jon and attempts to choke him, but is pulled off by Ghost. As Jon regains his feet, he sees Lord Commander Mormont in his bedroom doorway holding an oil lamp, as the severed hand approaches him. Jon grabs the oil lamp from the Lord Commander and throws it on the drapes, setting them afire. Jon then grabs the burning drapes and throws them onto Othor, praying that the wight will burn.[1]

The fire catches in the dead man's clothing and consumes him entirely. Othor staggers across the solar, crashing against the furniture while flailing at the flames. The fire, out of control, guts the interior of the top two floors of the Lord Commander's Tower, but also destroys Othor's corpse. The twisted thing found in the ashes is only cooked meat and charred bone.[3]


And might be I'm a fool, but I don’t know that Othor never had no blue eyes afore.[1]