Lucifer Long

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Windblown.svg Ser
Lucifer Long
Lucifer Long TheMico.jpg
Lucifer, by TheMico

Title Ser
Allegiance Windblown
Born Westeros
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Lucifer Long is a Westerosi knight and sellsword and is a member of the Windblown.

Appearance and Character

The lanky Lucifer bears a grudge against Caggo, who took a slave girl from him and instead of returning her after he was done, Caggo killed her.[1]

Lucifer may be a member of House Long, however, men of the Free Companies may take whatever name they desire.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lucifer was part of the Siege of Astapor. He is later sent by the Tattered Prince along with the other Westerosi Windblown to go over to Daenerys Targaryen.[1]


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