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The Stinking Goose is a seedy tavern in Maidenpool.


The Stinking Goose is oft frequented by sailors and those who wish to pass through unnoticed onto ships.[1] It can be difficult to find, as the tavern has no sign. It is located down a flight of wooden steps in a cellar beneath a knacker's barn. The cellar is grim and the ceiling low.[2]

The tables are old wine casks, grey and worm-holed and the seating is a sparse set of stools and a bench.[2] No geese are in evidence but the promised stink pervades everything – mostly of wine, damp and mildew, but there is a little of the privy too and something of the lichyard.[2]

The proprietor of the Stinking Goose is a slatternly woman, round and pale and balding, with huge soft breasts that sway beneath a soiled smock. She looks as if the gods have made her out of uncooked dough, and she sometimes stands behind a plank that has been placed across two barrels.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

The pious dwarf encountered a fool at the Stinking Goose. One night some of Lord Randyll Tarly’s men visited the tavern looking for the fool. A few days later the pious dwarf overheard a drunken man boasting that he’d "fooled a fool". Later he makes Brienne of Tarth’s acquaintance at the common room of the Seven Swords inn. He gives her this information and tells her that the man’s name was Nimble Dick.[1]

Acting on this information Brienne of Tarth visited the Stinking Goose looking for Nimble Dick. Upon entering Brienne does not dare to ask for water in such a place, but instead buys a cup of wine and enquires to the proprietor about Nimble Dick. When he enters the premises the proprietor nods at Brienne and she offers to buy him wine – for information about the fool he had fooled.[2]

Later, after traveling to the Whispers with Dick acting as a guide, Brienne returns to Maidenpool and arranges to meet up with Ser Hyle Hunt at the tavern. She and Podrick Payne have breakfast there. The proprietor remembers her and asks about Nimble Dick. When Brienne tells her that he was slain by outlaws she remarks that she always figured Dick would hang, or get sent off the Wall.[3]

Ser Hyle eventually arrives. He is aghast that they have eaten at the tavern. He provides Brienne with information about Sandor Clegane garnered from his cousin, Ser Alyn Hunt.[3]


An unsavory place.[1]

—the pious dwarf, to Brienne of Tarth, on the Stinking Goose

The Stinking Goose. An apt name, that … the stinking part at least.[3]

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