Triston Sunderland

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House Sunderland.svg Lord
Triston Sunderland
House Sunderland.svg
Title Lord of the Three Sisters[1]
Allegiance House Sunderland
Culture Sistermen
Issue Seven sons[2]

Triston Sunderland is the Lord of the Three Sisters and the head of House Sunderland.[1]


Triston has seven sons, all of whom desire to be knights.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Godric Borrell of Sweetsister tells Davos Seaworth that Lord Triston Sunderland would require him to hand over Davos Seaworth if he was aware that Davos is on Sweetsister.[2]

Godric says Triston would sell Davos to the queen for a pot of Lannister gold; with seven sons all determined to be knights the poor man needs every dragon. Godric has heard Triston bemoaning the cost of destriers and tells Davos it takes a lot of fish to buy a decent suit of plate and mail.[2]


Last known title holder:
Steffon Sunderland
Lord of the Three Sisters Incumbent