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Victarion Greyjoy's third wife is thus far unnamed. Victarion has yet to mention her name when he thinks of her. He was not married to her for long, as he beat her to death. According to Victarion, she was a salt wife.[1] Since they are the women kidnapped by the ironmnen during raids, she may not have been ironborn. He is haunted by her memory.


At some point Victarion took a third wife. Shortly thereafter, Victarion’s new wife was seduced or raped by his brother Euron and she became pregnant with Euron’s child. Victarion beat her to death with his fists.[1] He had sobbed each time he struck her and afterward carried her down to the rocks to give her to the crabs.[1]

Years later, Victarion still thinks of her, the moment he confronted Euron and why he was motivated to kill his wife.

Had it been known, men would have laughed at me, as the Crow’s Eye laughed when I confronted him. "She came to me wet and willing," he had boasted. "It seems that Victarion is big everywhere but where it matters." [1]

Their elder brother Lord Balon Greyjoy commanded them not to speak of it. Victarion would have killed Euron, too, but Balon would have no kinslaying in his hall. Balon sent Euron into exile, never to return while Balon lived. The day that Balon sent Euron off to sea, he reminded Victarion that the kinslayer is accursed in the eyes of gods and men. Afterwards, Balon refused to speak of her.[1]

Victarion did not touch another woman after he gave his wife to the crabs until Euron returned and gave him the dusky woman.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Victarion leaves Moat Cailin and sails the Iron Fleet to Old Wyk for the kingsmoot. When his fleet arrives at Nagga's Cradle he sees the Silence. His hands close into fists and he thinks to himself that he had beaten four men to death with those fists, and one wife as well.[1]

Hotho Harlaw offers Victarion his twelve-year-old daughter for a queen, describing the girl to Victarion. But when Victarion tries to picture her, he sees only the wife he had killed.[1]

Prior to the kingsmoot, Asha Greyjoy talks with Victarion, reminding him that the "Crow’s Eye" killed Victarion's wife. Victarion responds:

He put a baby in her belly and made me do the killing. I would have killed him too, but Balon would have no kinslaying in his hall. He sent Euron into exile, never to return.[1]

Later, in Lord Hewett's castle, Euron tells him that a king must have a wife and asks him, "will you go to Slaver's Bay and bring my love to me?" Victarion's thoughts turn to his third wife; "I had a love once too". [2] His hands coil into fists and a drop of blood falls on the floor. "I should beat you raw and red and feed you to the crabs, the same as I did her.", he thinks. Euron tells him of Daenerys Targaryen and asks him to go to Slaver's Bay to bring her to him so he can wed her. Victarion agrees to go to Slaver's Bay and bring back the dragon woman. But thinks to himself, privately, for himself, not for Euron.

You stole my wife and despoiled her, so I’ll have yours. [2]

The Winds of Winter

In Slaver's Bay, Victarion stands at the prow of the Iron Victory watching Wulfe One-Ear's merchant ships vanish one by one into the west. He thinks that the Seastone Chair should have been his when Balon died, but his brother Euron had stolen it from him, just as he had stolen his wife many years before. He thinks to himself that Euron stole her and soiled her, but he left it for him to slay her.


"She gave me horns. I had no choice." [1]

Victarion Greyjoy, to Asha Greyjoy


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