Hotho Harlaw

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Hotho Harlaw
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Alias Hotho Humpback
Title Master of the Tower of Glimmering
Allegiance House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering
Culture Ironborn
Born At Harlaw[1]
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)
Personal Arms The Harlaw scythe girdled within an embattled border.

Hotho Harlaw, known as Hotho Humpback, is a member of House Harlaw and the master of the Tower of Glimmering.[2][3] He has a hump back. His personal sigil is the Harlaw scythe girdled within an embattled border. He has a daughter.[4]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Hotho came to the Ten Towers to support Asha Greyjoy. He gave Lord Rodrik Harlaw a copy of Archamester Marwyn's Book of Lost Books in the hope it might persuade Lord Rodrik to marry his daughter.[4] At the kingsmoot, he offered his support to Victarion Greyjoy if Victarion would marry his daughter. Victarion offered to look in on her.[5] However, after Euron Greyjoy's speech, Aeron Greyjoy spotted Hotho calling his support for Euron.[6] Hotho reported Ser Harras Harlaw's capture of Greyshield to Victarion at the feast celebrating their victory at the Battle of the Shield Islands. For this Ser Harras was named the new Lord of Greyshield and Hotho became the new heir to the Ten Towers.[7]


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