Walter Wyl

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Wyl.png Lord
Walter Wyl
Title Lord of Wyl[1]
Allegiance House Wyl[1]
Culture Dornishmen[1]
Died or after 37 AC
Father Wyl of Wyl

Walter Wyl was the Lord of Wyl and the head of House Wyl during the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen.[1]


Walter was a son of the infamous lord known as the Wyl of Wyl,[1] who passed away in 27 AC.[2]

Lord Walter was among the handful of Dornish lords that joined the host of the first Vulture King during the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen in 37 AC. Walter had heeded the Vulture King's call for all "true" Dornishmen to join his cause against the Seven Kingdoms, despite Princess Deria Martell denouncing the outlaw "king". As the Vulture King's host grew in size, he divided his strength and marched against Nightsong and Horn Hill, while Walter commanded the other half to besiege Stonehelm, the seat of House Swann.[1][3]

Lord Orys Baratheon rode forth from Storm's End and smashed Walter's host beneath the walls of Stonehelm. Walter was injured and captured during the battle and brought before Orys. Walter's father had chopped off Orys's sword hand during the First Dornish War and, in retaliation, Orys chopped off Walter's sword hand, then his other hand, followed by both feet. Orys deemed this "usury".[1][3]


Your father took my hand. I claim yours as repayment.[3]

Orys Baratheon to Walter Wyl


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Last known title holder:
Wyl of Wyl
Lord of Wyl Unknown
Next known title holder:
Lord Wyl