William Mooton

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House Mooton.svg Lord
William Mooton
House Mooton.svg
Title Lord of Maidenpool[1]
Allegiance House Mooton
Culture Rivermen
Born Maidenpool[2]

William Mooton is the Lord of Maidenpool and the head of House Mooton.[1] He is the brother of the late Ser Myles Mooton.[3]

Appearance and Character

William is fleshy with pale skin and he looks soft.[3] He is cowardly and timid.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

According to rumor, when Lord Mooton heard about the dangerous wolf pack led by a huge she-wolf around the Gods Eye, he set out with his sons and his dogs to hunt her down. When they found her lair, they were attacked and they just managed to escape, losing all their dogs in the process.[4]

A Storm of Swords

After the Battle of Duskendale, Lord Randyll Tarly marches on Maidenpool, takes the town and locks William in a tower cell.[5] King Tommen I Baratheon signs a pardon for Lord Mooton and welcomes him back into the king's peace.[6]

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth learns that during the War of the Five Kings, Lord William remained safely behind his walls while he sent soldiers off to fight and let Maidenpool burn.[3]

William is present when Lord Tarly is dispensing justice; he fears Randyll and does not intervene in any of his decisions.[3]

William agrees to marry his eldest daughter and heir,[N 1] Eleanor, to Randyll's son and heir, Dickon Tarly.[3] After a short betrothal, the two children marry.[7]




Mooton has the courage of a worm. You will not speak to me of Mooton.[8]


  1. Though Lord Mooton is mentioned to have sons in A Clash of Kings, Arya II, Elaenor is his heir as of A Feast for Crows, implying all of Lord Mooton's sons have died during the war.


Last known title holder:
Manfryd Mooton
Lord of Maidenpool Incumbent
Heiress presumptive:
Eleanor Mooton