A Clash of Kings-Chapter 57

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Sansa V
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Sansa Stark
Place Red Keep
Page 593 UK HC (Other versions)
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Sansa IV
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Sansa VI


Sansa is in the Red Keep's royal sept. The Battle of the Blackwater is underway and the people in the sept are waiting for the outcome.

Joffrey obliged her to see him off before. He made her kiss his sword promising that he would kill Stannis with it. Sansa hopes that Joffrey will fight himself and get himself killed. She told him that her brother Robb was always in the thick of the fight. Joffrey replied that he will kill Robb as well.

In the sept the people are singing. Sansa sings with them until they start praying for the victory of Joffrey. Silently Sansa prays for his defeat and goes away. As she leaves for Maegor's Holdfast she can hear the sound of battle.

Within the holdfast Sansa enters the Queen's Ballroom, where there is almost every highborn woman in the city, along with a handful of old men and young boys. Sansa notices Ilyn Payne. When Sansa asks why Ilyn is present, Cersei states he would deal with treasonous guards and defend Cersei and Sansa if King's Landing is sacked.[N 1]

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  1. Cersei has also tasked Ilyn with killing herself and Sansa if they are to be captured by Stannis's men.

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